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boots 64 sterilising tablets


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How to useAlways make a fresh solution every 24 hours.1. Clean all feeding utensils thoroughly. Immediately after each feed rinse the inside and outside of the bottle, cap and teat with cold water. Brush out the bottle, cap and teat with a liquid detergent, diluted in warm water and rinse again.2. Prepare the sterilising solution by adding one sterilising tablet to every 4 pints (2.3 litres) of cold water in a suitable non-metallic container.3. Immerse pre-washed feeding utensils in the prepared solution, ensuring that they are completely immersed and that there are no trapped air bubbles. Keep all items submerged in the solution for a minimum of 30 minutes.4. To prepare bottles for a feed, before and after removing the utensils from the sterilising solution, wash your hands thoroughly. Drain and rinse all utensils with cooled freshly boiled water. Fill the bottle immediately with feed.Hazards and cautionsTake care not to splash fabrics. etc. since the solution may cause bleaching.Avoid prolonged contact with metal.Hazards and CautionsBoots Sterilising Tablets Chlorine tablets.


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